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Hello! My name is Jeff Bartlett and I am an adventurer, photographer, writer, educator and social media influencer. It’s a mouthful, so it’s easier to sum up like this: I love sharing compelling stories that help brands connect to their audience and customers.

I call the Canadian Rockies home; however, my work takes me to the far corners of the map each year. Over the past five years, I have collaborated with major brands, destination marketing organizations, and editorial publications across the globe.

Many of my projects include a major social media component. Between this website, Instagram, Steller, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, I have established myself as an authoritative voice in both the adventure and travel spheres.

I am eager to work with brands, destinations, and individuals who share my passions for outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship.

Let’s team up and create something that gets your business noticed in an engaging way

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If you are interested in an exciting way to showcase your destination or brand, I would love to hear from you!
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Past Campaigns and Partners


Available Services

Social Media Influencer

My most in-demand package, I work with brands and destinations to capture images and create stories curated specifically to encourage my online audience to engage with my clients, buy their products/services, and increase overall brand presence.

Campaign Manager

Similar to my work as a social media influencer, but scaled to reach a broader audience. I handle the logistics of a larger social media campaign and clearly report on its success.

Social Media Strategist

As a consultant, I help marketing teams build overall social media goals, curate content to help drive engagement and empower staff to create compelling content to help drive their cause.


My photography is all about creating a true sense of place, connecting the viewer to the experience. IMages are professionally captured, edited and delivered for social media use or licensed at fair prices for advertising campaigns.

Brand Ambassador

By working only with brands I truly believe in, my brand ambassadorships allows me to share content authentically. These long-term relationships are favourable for brands looking to make a lasting impression in the online space.


I have plenty of experience speaking in front of a crowd. I teach regular social media workshops, host multi-day photography tours, and speak about adventure, photography, and online marketing at conferences and special events.


Audience Statistics

Jeff Bartlett Media

In the past, housed  my portfolio and sample campaign galleries. My blog, which promised content about the art and craft of adventure, lived at It was a confusing combination, so I finally amalgamated both and now all of my online content can be found right here at

While single website makes it navigation easier, the content hasn’t changed. I still routinely update my portfolio, highlight recent social media campaigns, and blog about the art and craft of adventure.

Monthly Readers: 8000 Page Rank: 3 Alexa Rank: 528 127 (Worldwide) & 14 306 (Canada)


Followers: 146 000 | Following: 725

Average Likes per Photo: 4480 | Average comments per photo: 75

Followers demographic: 34% USA | 21& Canada | 5% UK | 4% Australia | 3% Brazil


Followers: 50.2K | Following: 73

Average Likes: 320 | Average Page Views: 20 000+

Stories Posted: Over 20


Profile Subscribers: 30300 | Page Likes: 2038 | Max Reach: 35100

Audience Demographic: 46% Canada | 15% USA | 5% Argentina | 5% Australia | 5% UK


Followers: 2307 | Following:717

Audience Demographics: 36% USA | 26% Canada | 9% UK | 5% Australia | 3% Argentina