In September, I received two Eddie Bauer EverTherm Down Jackets to photograph and field test during a roller-coaster autumn. From fluctuating autumn temperatures and the year’s first snow fall in the Rockies to bone-chilling arctic winds in Iceland, I never left home without it. After nearly 60 days with the Jacket, I feel like I know it inside and out. Here’s how it performed!

“It’s the best jacket I’ve worn: it’s ultralight, warm, and slim.”
Adrian Ballinger, Eddie Bauer Guide (IFMGA), after testing the EverTherm on Mt. Everest

Key Features: EverTherm Down Jacket by Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer EverTherm Jacket behind Ha Ling Peak in Kananaskis Country, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

When I first heard from Eddie Bauer, they claimed the EverTherm Down Jacket wasn’t just another puffy jacket. It was lighter, warmer and, essentially, better in every way. It’s a bold claim from the company that introduced North America to down jackets. Their microtherm storm down was already my favourite layer, too, so I was skeptical they’d made a product that would truly change how we think about down jackets. It turns out the EverTherm Down Jacket squeezes plenty of new features and additional warmth into it’s feather-weight design. Here are my thoughts on it’s key features:

Thindown Fabric

Thindown fabric uses thin down sheets to build its insulation, rather than baffles and down clusters found in a traditional down jacket. Essentially, it takes less Thindown fabric to achieve the jacket’s -20F/-20C rating than it would traditional down. It’s also seamless, meaning there are no cold spots.

29″ Length

I’m exactly 6’2″ tall, which lands me essentially halfway between a regular and tall size. For the EverTherm down jacket, Eddie Bauer used a 29″ length, which is 1.5″ longer than it’s MicroTherm storm down jacket. It’s a massive difference that I appreciate, though it might be lost on people less than 6’0″.

StormRepel Super DWR

While in Iceland, I wore this jacket in some pretty heavy rain that would normally have me racing to pull on a rain layer. It held up surprisingly well that to the DWR finish. It isn’t a rain coat, but it’s a down layer that can withstand the rigors of a rainy and miserable autumn day, whether it’s in Iceland or the PNW.

Comparing the EverTherm Down Jacket to the MicroTherm StormDown

Eddie Bauer EverTherm Down Jacket in Iceland.

I also wanted a head-to-head comparison between the EverTherm Down Jacket and MicroTherm Storm Down jacket. For the past few years, I’ve loved my microtherm jacket enough that I have two: a plain black that is my day-to-day choice for everything from running errands to skiing across the Wapta Icefield. The second is an Eddie Bauer Custom, which I designed to match my bikepacking bike.

It wasn’t going to be easy to convince me to replace those with the new EverTherm Down Jacket, so let’s see how they match up.

Key Features:

EverTherm Down Jacket

Temperature rating: -20F/-28C
Weight: 12.64 oz/358g
Packability: packs smaller than the MicroTherm
Cost: US$279

MicroTherm Storm Down Jacket

Temperature rating: -10F/-23C
Weight: 12.16 oz/345g
Packability: Packs larger than the EverTherm
Cost: US$229

The cost difference, of US$50, might be a key difference maker for some; however, I use these products so often I am willing to pay more for the right jacket.

The EverTherm Down Jacket weight 0.5 oz/15g more; however, it beats the microtherm in every other category. It’s warmer, packs considerably smaller, and it layers better. The smooth exterior nylon fabric allows the jacket to sit beneath my shell more comfortably.

I will admit the MicroTherm Down Jacket does look better. It’s a classic style that is popular from Portland to Poland. I’ll wear mine for grocery runs and ski movie premieres.

But for practical use in the mountains, the Eddie Bauer EverTherm Down Jacket is the better choice.

EverTherm Down Jacket in action near Canmore, Alberta



I partner with Eddie Bauer on a variety of projects each year, including photographing and testing the Eddie Bauer EverTherm Down Jacket. My feedback is genuine and I wouldn’t promote a product I don’t appreciate. Everything I do with Eddie Bauer is shared under their #LiveYourAdventure project.