As we turn the calendar to 2017, you might realize that my monthly desktop wallpapers are already few days late. The delay is on purpose, as I opted to spend New Years offline, backcountry skiing with friends in Rogers Pass, British Columbia.

I felt it was a needed time away, as I’ve been guilty of sacrificing time with friends and family to chase photography assignments and social media campaigns around the globe. For 2017, I aim to travel less and adventure more, especially here in the Alberta Rockies. It’s been a couple years since I spent significant time truly exploring these mountains and I cannot wait to see more of my backyard.

I’ll write more about my resolutions in the coming days, but¬†until then, I’d love to hear what you all have planned for 2017! Share it in the comments or, better yet, share it on my facebook page!

Until then, download these Alberta winter images for your favourite digital displays.

Download These Alberta Winter Images

Alberta winter images: Fat Biking in Kananaskis Country on a cold winter morning provides epic views of the Canadian Rockies

Download the 16:9 image for Desktop computers and other widescreen displays.

Alberta Winter Images: Ice bubbles, an annual phenomena on lakes throughout the Alberta Rockies adds an unusual twist to a classic image of Mt Rundle.

Download the 4:3 image for iPads and other tablets | Download the 16:9 image for iPhones and other smartphones.