After leading two adventure photography workshops last year, in Morocco and Cuba, I have four different workshops and tours lined up in 2017. The first one, co-leading The Giving Lens Peru with Peyton Hale, begins on Monday, but after that there is still time to book a spot on any of my three remaining workshops. Here’s a look at the schedule:

My 2017 Adventure Photography Workshops

Faroe Islands – May 13-20, 2017

I am teaming up with photographers Conor MacNeill and Zoe Timmers on a week long photography workshop in the Faroe Islands. It’ll be an amazing trip. We’ll explore one of Europe’s least visited countries, while photographing some exceptional landscapes, wildlife, and moody weather.

Learn more about this workshop in the F8Workshops website.

We only have one seat remaining, so I’m offering my blog readers a bit of a deal. Purchase the last ticket and I’ll give you $100 towards your in-destination expenses.

Explore Peru – June 3-16, 2017

After two successful workshops in 2017, Brendan Van Son and I have two more planned in 2017. The first is a 2-week experience in Peru, where Brendan launched his travel career.

This workshop is absolutely spectacular, as we take in almost all of Peru in a single trip. We begin at sea level, in Lima, and end at Machu Picchu. In between, we’ll overnight on Lake Titicaca, walk the Colca Canyon, and fly above the Nazca lines.  It’s an experience that’ll leave you exhausted, yet yearning for more great travel experiences.

Learn all the details here: Explore Peru with Your Photo Adventures.

Experience Iceland – Oct 14-22, 2017

Since my first visit to Iceland in 2014, I’ve wanted to run a workshop on the island. It’s one of the absolute best landscape photography destinations. Waterfalls, seascapes, and mountains combine to create some of the world’s most dramatic scenery and we’ll capture it all as we travel the southern coast.

Our workshop in Iceland promises to be truly unique, too, as we’ve partnered with local photographer Ivan Olafsson. I’ve known Ivan for years and I have had the pleasure of traveling across Iceland with him before. His knowledge and passion for his home country is truly inspiring, so come prepared to experience the country through the eyes of a local.

Learn all the details here: Experience Iceland with Your Photo Adventures