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Morocco Photography Tour Workshop

From stunning architecture to the Atlas Mountains, Morocco is chock full of stunning photography opportunities and I'm teaming up with Brendan Van Son to launch an exciting photography tour and workshop to capture its highlights.

Iceland Workshop

As a Canadian adventure photographer, it took a single phone call from an Icelandic photographer/tour leader to have me on a flight to Reykjavik. The result was a road trip of a lifetime across Iceland, photographing some of the most dramatic landscapes I have ever seen. And now we are inviting you on that same journey.

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Adventure Freelancer

Adventure Freelancer

I always introduce myself as an adventure photographer and writer. It’s a mouthful, but I find it hard to distinguish where one passion ends and the other begins. I love spending time outdoors playing in the mountains, so along with my work you’ve seen on this website, I also blog regularly about the art and craft of adventure.

In my mind, the art of adventure are the compelling stories and stunning photography that inspires us to play outside. The craft of adventure is the behind-the-scenes stuff like route planning, technical outdoor skills, and both writing and photography techniques.


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